A Team Restoration offers state of the art soda blasting services for residential and commercial needs. From graffiti damages to mold removal. Soda Blasting works well on soot removal as well. Baking Soda is a great blasting media due to it's safe properties. It is a non-toxic bio-degradable product and can be used on delicate surfaces.

•Won't Damage Glass
•Remove Paint from Fiberglass
•Won't Damage Chrome
•Water Soluable
•No Pitting
•Works Quickly
•No Warping
•Removes Grease
•Neutralizes Surface Rust

•Safe for food service equipment cleaning

•Removes Oxidation


 Before            After

Ice Blasting is a great product to use when applicable. The frozen carbon dioxide pellets are able to blast away mold and soot leaving very little clean up. The pellets vaporize on contact.

For more informaion on soda blasting and ice blasting, call our professional restoration team today...